Are you looking for gifts for the equestrian in your life?

Check out our items that we make and affiliate links to some of my favorite gear

If you are looking for inexpensive, but quality English boots for jumping or just barn boots, these paddock boots are comfortable and will last years to come. I only wear Ariat brand. 

If you need some riding gloves, Ovation riding gloves fit great and last. remember that there are winter and summer weight gloves. These are summer weight.

Are you all western all of the time? Then scoop up these comfortable ariat boots, I have had mine for EIGHT years, and recently bought new inserts for them. They still have several more years on them. I wear them with tall ariat socks to make sure the leather doesn't rub on my legs while I'm riding. The socks are comfortable, yet breathable for those hot Texas summer days.

If you are looking for some riding breeches, I absolutely love my HR Farm riding breeches. I have two pairs. They are thin for summer wear.  I love that they have pockets and silicone grip. For winter weight breeches, I love tuff rider breeches

If you are looking for a helmet, look for something that is breathable yet protects your head like nothing else. When I got bucked off and landed with my head hitting a giant rock, I was wearing a Troxel liberty. I was amazed that I did not have a concussion or any head injury, instead, my collarbone was broken (but that is easily healed, my brain is not). The Troxels are fantastic, we sell them at the barn, or you can buy them here.  The IRH helmets are good for summer in the arena, chances of hitting your head on a rock is less likely and the IRH is a bit more summer friendly. 

At our barn, you know our horses can be stubborn, if you need a riding crop that lasts, check out these crops.