Our breakaway cross ties are all made to your specifications. You tell me the size and I make them for you. For an additional $1 per letter, you can have your barn or horse's name embroidered in the color of your choice on the cross ties. Breakaway cross ties are adjustable in length an by one foot shorter or longer from the size that you give me. The velcro connection to the barn releases if the horse sets back, leaving the cross tie still attached to your horse, and your halter, cross tie and barn still in tact. If you experience any issues with the quality of your cross ties, please contact me immediately. Thank you for your business.

Gypsy Farms Breakaway Cross Ties

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  • All cross ties are hand made for you, to the size that you tell me. Please allow 3-5 days for me to make your cross ties and then another 3-5 days for shipping.