Meet the Humans and the Horses

Gypsy Farms was established in 2012, after Sara moved here from Maryland. Upon arriving in Texas and finding a wonderful little farmette, Sara focused her extra time on helping horses in need. She found a love for rescuing, rehabilitating, training and rehoming horses. Sara has over 20 years of riding experience, and four years of experience as a riding instructor. Sara currently rides on the Rough Riders Drill team for Tejas Rodeo Company and can be seen on a Saturday night at the Rodeo between March and November. Her love for horses has been a lifelong passion, and being able to share her knowledge and expose others to such amazing creatures has been a lifelong goal. Sara holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Education and a Masters of Education focusing on Curriculum Design. Sara also attending Special Education courses at Arizona State University to better understand how to implement Therapeutic Riding at Gypsy Farms. 

Gypsy Farms is super excited to welcome Jessica Camacho as a volunteer instructor! Jessica has over 17 years in giving riding lessons and training horses. She has experience in Western, Dressage, Hunter Jumper and Therapeutic Riding lessons, specifically working with ADHD, Autism, depression and other mental disorders. Jessica is the mother of a sweet little boy who also loves to ride. Jessica will also be the primary instructor at our summer camps this year.

Our other instructor is Becky Sheridan. Becky has a background in teaching both western and english with a focus on dressage. She is also a carriage driver in downtown San Antonio when she isn't with her two kids or teaching here at Gypsy Farms. 

Meet The Horses

Gypsy: Gypsy is our entry-level horse, but please don’t mistake that for a lazy old lesson horse. She is my drill team horse at Texas rodeo and is a young 12 years old. She rides western and english, she does entry-level barrel racing and jumping. Most students will walk and trot on Gypsy, more advanced students are allowed to canter on her.

Smokey: Smokey is a professional barrel racing horse. New riders can move up to ride smokey once they have demonstrated basic skills and control on Gypsy.  Most students will walk and trot on Smokey, more advanced students are allowed to canter on him. Sara is currently working with Jessica to train him for jumping and dressage lessons.


Holly:  Holly is a purebred Quarterhorse palomino in color. She has experience in Western Pleasure and Reining.  She is being used for brand new riders as well as advanced riders. 

Remy: Remy is a purebred solid color paint horse who is ridden in both english and western. He is an entry level horse. He does entry and intermediate level barrel racing, most students will walk and trot on Remy, more advanced riders will be allowed to canter on him. He is not used for jumping at this time, but hopefully soon he will be airborne.