Meet the Humans and the Horses

Gypsy Farms was established in 2012, after Sara moved here from Maryland. Upon arriving in Texas and finding a wonderful little farmette, Sara focused her extra time on helping horses in need. She found a love for rescuing, rehabilitating, training and rehoming horses. Sara has over 20 years of riding experience, and four years of experience as a riding instructor. Sara currently rides on the Rough Riders Drill team for Tejas Rodeo Company and can be seen on a Saturday night at the Rodeo between March and November. Her love for horses has been a lifelong passion, and being able to share her knowledge and expose others to such amazing creatures has been a lifelong goal. Sara holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Education and a Masters of Education focusing on Curriculum Design. Sara also attending Special Education courses at Arizona State University to better understand how to implement Therapeutic Riding at Gypsy Farms. 

Meet The Horses

Gypsy: Gypsy is our entry-level horse, but please don’t mistake that for a lazy old lesson horse. Gypsy is a rescue horse. She was rescued from being severely neglected by the sheriff's office and Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (BEHS). I adopted Gypsy after she had been returned to the rescue a few times. When I got her, they called her Candi because she was so sweet, but they told me that one of the owners had called her Gypsy I renamed her Gypsy to reflect the life that was now behind her. She and I struggled to find common ground, but finally, when I started drill with her, we built a connection stronger than anything I would have ever imagined, she is my heart horse, she is the girl I would do anything for. Gypsy was such an amazing girl, that one day we were approached and asked if we offered lessons, I looked at her (I think she looked at me) and we said .. "why not!".  This is how Gypsy Farms began. She is still my drill team horse at Texas rodeo and is a young 15 years old. She rides western and english, she is grate for entry-level barrel racing and jumping. Most students will walk and trot on Gypsy, more advanced students are allowed to canter on her.

Blue Belle: "Belle" is our gentle giant. She is only 5 years old and was rescued from a rough life that ultimately had her destined for a Killeen. We purchased Belle in November of 2020 from the Bastrop Killpen in Louisiana. She arrived two days later and was skin and bones. She had not had her feet done in years, if ever. We learned that she was used as a plow horse by the Amish and for whatever reason, probably an issue she had with her foot, was determined not to be worthy to continue the hard working life. So they sent her to auction. She ended up selling at an auction in Indiana, then ending up in the Louisana Killeen where we found her. 

Belle has had a very rough first five years of her life, but she will have a loving and caring remainder of her life here at Gypsy Farms. She was not broke to ride when we got her, but she was so sweet and gentle natured, that she was easy to train. She has a ton of personality, and don't leave your belongings lying around, she will pick them up and toss them across the way. She is very playful and still a bit clumsy as she grows into figuring out how to handle her giant body. Bell is a Percheron.


Holly:  Holly was our sweet girl who was a purebred Quarterhorse palomino in color. She had experience in Western Pleasure and Reining.  She was being used for brand new riders as well as advanced riders. Sadly, Holly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020 as a result of colic in her small intestine. She was super sweet and well loved by many of our riders.