Boarding & Training

"Horses are the best when they understand what you want from them"

Welcome to Gypsy Farms Boarding. We don't have much room for boarding so we have a lot of rules. The first one is that you agree to allow us to use your horse for lessons. The second one is that we want you to be an active rider at Gypsy Farms, therefore we ask that you take lessons with us at least every other week. 

As a horse owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the following for your horse, however, we are happy to help coordinate these services with our farrier and vet visits: 

  • Maintain a deworming and vaccination schedule

  • Keep a current coggins on your horse.

  • Farrier work must be done on a routine basis with either a trim or shoes

  • Annual vaccines and vet care including teeth floating


Additionally,  you are encouraged to purchase equine medical and liability insurance on your horse. Please take a look at our boarding packages below.

Boarding Packages and Add-Ons

  • The Basic- $350 a month

    Board is $200

    This includes electricity, water, barn maintenance, supplies, repairs, mortgage on our land, etc.

    Hay is $150

    Hay is fed via round bale. We do not feed square bales separately at this time.

  • The Grain Package- $75-$150

    1 scoop 2x a day: $75 a month

    We feed Lissie & Eckel Superglo 

    2 scoops 2x a day: $150

    Feedings are typically done at 7 am and 5 pm

  • The Alfalfa Plan

    1 flake 1x a day (evening only): $40

    1 flake 2x a day: $80

    Our alfalfa is bought fresh from the local feed store, we do not buy build because we have a hard time finding quality hay in bulk.

  • Supplements

    Electrolytes: $25 per month

    1 scoop 1x a day in the morning.

    Other supplements:

    We can feed other supplements such as weight gain or bran, but you must supply them.

    Other things:

    There will be an additional fee for beet pulp and blanketing due to the extra time needed to soak beet pulp and blanket/unblanket.


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We offer several options for training: 

Horse Training (aka Pony Bootcamp)

Weekend Only: 
Training: $50 + Feed

- Hay @ $5/day 


- 1 scoop  2x day: $2.50/day
- 2 scoops  2x day: $5/day 


One Week (7 days):

Training: $100 + Feed 

- Hay: $35


- 1 scoop of grain 2x day: $20

- 2 scoops of grain 2x day: $35

One Month:
Training: $400 + Feed

- Hay $150 


- 1 scoop 2x day: $75  

- 2 scoops 2x day: $150

- Alfalfa 1 flake 2x day: $75