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What to Expect at a Lesson


Please read before you book a lesson so you know what to wear, bring and expect.

My Spiritual Journey with Horses

My blog about my personal experiences with rescue horses

Training Techniques & Horse Care Blogs

These are my blogs on horse care, training tips, and techniques. 


About Us

Sara Winder is the owner and primary instructor at Gypsy Farms, which offers both English and Western horseback riding lessons for children and adults starting at the age of 6. Lessons are offered at the beginner and intermediate levels in most areas of Western and some areas of English riding.  At Gypsy Farms, we want students to focus on good, safe horsemanship while learning to understand equine behavior, including body language, as a means to better communicate with the horse. While safety is our primary concern, we encourage equestrians to learn how to care for, groom and tack their horse. Riders are not limited to a particular riding style or focus and can change disciplines to find a discipline that best suits them.

Lesson Schedule


We are currently offering lessons at the following

days/times. Please check our calendar for availability:

Wednesday -Friday Hours

4:00: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

4:45: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

5:30: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

Saturday and Sunday Hours

9:00: Intermediate/English lessons with Sara or Ella

9:45: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

10:30: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

11:15: Basic and intermediate lessons with Marti or Anni

*All lessons are done by noon due to the heat.

Trail Rides: At this time I do not offer trail rides, however, if you have completed a lesson and have demonstrated the ability to do a trail ride, you can opt to hit the trails in place of a lesson. If you want your child or significant other to join you on the trails, they will need to take a lesson first and demonstrate the ability to control the horse outside of the arena.

If you are looking for group trail rides, please contact Sunnye at Canyon Lake Trail Rides or 830-837-9959

Lessons: All students/riders will start with a private lesson in order to be evaluated. Our Group lessons consist of only two riders at a time, as we are very small and operate on a part-time basis. We only have a total of three horses. To learn more about our horses, click here.



All lessons are $40.00 per person


Please read What to Expect if you plan on contacting us, that should answer a lot of questions.


Visit us on Yelp for reviews and additional information.

Horse Photography

We are now offering horse rentals for photography purposes.  We have done weddings and unicorn shoots with our pony.  Please check out our Facebook page for previous photo shoots.  We are not photographers, but we can recommend photographers if you'd like.  

Fees are as follows: 

$100 if you come to the horse/ponies location in the Bulverde area

$200 if we travel to you (up to 30 minutes from our facility). Additional fees apply for further distances. This includes up to two hours of time with the horse/pony for setup, photos, etc. 

Contact Us

Email: Sara@farmergypsy.com

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday