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Welcome to Gypsy Farms!


Teaching the community about 
Horseback Riding and Horse Care


Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find information on how to participate in our horseback riding lesson program and such more. You can also view blogs on horse training and horse care.  We also have an online store where we sell some recommended items that we love on Amazon and also our Gypsy Farms shirts, breakaway cross ties and much more.  All services are donation based. Each page has a recommended donation for the services. The donations are used to cover expenses by volunteers at Gypsy Farms, pay for the horse's feed, care, and training, maintain and purchase equipment used for the services we offer, and donate back to our favorite horse charity Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

About Us 

Sara Winder is the owner and a riding instructor instructor at Gypsy Farms. Our goal is to teach the community about horsemanship by providing the opportunity for children and adults to be around, care for and ride horses in both English and Western disciplines. We do ask that children be over the age of 6 for ridding, but we are happy let the smaller ones come learn about horses, pet and groom with close supervision of parents. Lessons are offered at the beginner and intermediate levels in most areas of Western and some areas of English riding.  At Gypsy Farms, we want riders to practice safe horsemanship while learning to understand equine behavior, including body language, as a means to better communicate with the horse. While safety is our primary concern, we encourage equestrians to learn how to care for, groom and tack their horse. Riders are not limited to a particular riding style or focus and can change disciplines to find a discipline that best suits them. 

Some of the things that we do:

  • Riding Lessons
  • Photography (portrait and shoots with horses- mine or yours)  
  • Horse tune-ups 
  • Summer Camps
  • Birthday Parties and other events
For additional questions, please see "What to Expect"

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